How I edit my photos

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence, but I promise that from now on more articles will be published and I will improve my organization so that in case I have unexpected problems you can read your weekly article.

Returning to us, in these lines I will reveal my secret: how I edit my photos.
Mainly I use two types of editors based on the device I prefer:

  • On the computer I edit with Luminar;
  • On the smartphone I edit with VSCO.

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Bullet Journal?

The definition of the inventor:

The Bullet Journal is an analog system to keep track of the past, organize the present, and plan the future.

Simply said, it is a kind of “notebook” in which you can pinpoint any kind of thought you go to your head: a phrase, a song, a drawing, a quote, and so on…

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Avocado toast

Surely it has also happened to you to go on the web and find photographs of great breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, with the desire to do that by yourself and taste them but without knowing how to proceed.

And here I am to help you offer a delicious recipe with Avocado, toast and egg in shirt to start off with your day or for a quick, tasty lunch. Read More

My eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the important elements that characterize our face and our expression, so I would like to tell you about my experience.
Ever since I was a kid, a sequel to a bad experience with an inexperienced aestheticist, I started to do it alone. I made the shape that seemed more suitable to my face and, with the time and experience, I changed it.

However, the problem of scarcity persisted and, to combat it, I used a variety of cosmetics, including pencil and eyebrow shadow.
Over the years, however, it increased the desire to do the tattoo in order not to waste too much time.
When it comes to eyebrow tattoos, the reaction is always to open the astonished eyes with the tattoo image about thirty years ago.
It is important, however, to understand how everything is evolving over time, and among this “everything” there are also techniques for tattoos.
In particular, in recent years, the trend of microblading has been widespread, which I have experienced firsthand.

Before & After

Microblading is a technique that attracts missing eyebrows with small shots. It does not touch the hairs already present, and you get a so called “artificial” eyebrow, similar to the natural one.
As for the pain, it naturally changes according to your threshold, though, of course, the delicate position plays against us.
The first thing to do is the shape of the eyebrows based on the features of your face. For example, I had the bow of the eyebrow in a rather wrong position so that now I feel embarrassed to see them in old photos.
So, if you agree with what you will be drawn, proceed with the tattoo.
After about 4 weeks you will have to return to modified to the details that are not immediately visible and that you’ll notified later.
I decided not to come back because it made so bad and I can’t think to make it again.
But now the hand tattoo is going, and what I still got is only the right shape. That’s why I went back to using my starting products but with a better result.
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Phones Gadgets

It’s time to find some tricks to take pictures out of the ordinary.
When I was in London, I came from Urban Outfitters, a well-known shop for the myriad of technological accessories out of common patterns.
Gadgets like phones covers, small additional cameras, media to print Polaroid style snapshots and more.
The thing that caught my attention was certainly this lens kit to be placed on the camera of the phone.


In particular it offered: a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, and finally a macro lens. 

Although there are no instructions on the inside, in fact I don’t understand a lot the function of the third lens, I have to admit that for this kit there is a great value for money: every lens comes with a protective “rubber cover” and, everything can be stored inside a small container. Read More

Bye bye London

The last day in London came wrong to Oxford Street convinced to get off the subway near the Liverpool train station and with the remaining money I could buy either the magnets or the metro ticket for not walking 40 minutes on the road … of course I made the most appropriate decision and I must admit I bought the best magnets.
There was nothing left but to put the backpack on the shoulder, the water in his hand, the magnets in the bag, and proceed for the last, immense and endless walk to the train station.
Between a song and the other I had time to reflect on the time in which the idea of traveling is born: at that moment you are convinced, you are energetic when you click “buy” the airline ticket, when you read the guide to plan the destinations of the days, but then when you approach the date of your departure you start to be afraid of what may happen to you.

I started as fast as possible, fast and late, but I have to admit that if it had not been so I would have had time to be afraid.
I started this journey without expectations, without too many thoughts, and finally, I can say that I am satisfied with what happened.
I did not manage to respect all I had planned and I thought I had visited 1/4 of the things I planned because I lost at least a thousand times; it wasn’t easy to get understood and understand what they had said, I also bought a fantastic 3£ cupcake, then open it and see it overturned without being able to make one of the most delicious photos ever (I must admit it was really good).
Despite this I enjoyed myself, I have noticed so many details in the least known streets and many features of the city, I have also been able to see the diversity of life from nation to nation, habits, language, ways to do and much more …
So thank you London for this wonderful experience and do not be afraid because i’ll see you soon. Read More

The second day’s adventure

The alarm sounds at 8:00 am and, after an energetic and abundant English breakfast, I’m going to explore the city, more aware of where I am.

It is Monday morning and, like every Monday, resumes the routine even in England: metropolitan meets people of all ages, nationalities, tastes and customs, but what everyone shares is the silence and the habit of sitting in a quiet way reading their newspaper and discovering the latest news. At each stop there is a person or a little more, with a book, a suitcase, a bag, a headset, a music, in short, each with their own commitment and direction, but despite everything seems to be in order. Read More