Favourites of January

With the beginning of the new year I decided to start a new section of the blog: the favorites of the month. As you can guess from the name, I will deal with different themes that I particularly liked during the previous 30/31 days.


31EnFIY9ZxLFor months I was looking for a lipstick that was not too heavy and that would blend with the color of my lips, without creating the “no make-up” effect.In short, I wanted to see it but not excessively, for every day. And here, after numerous searches in the various perfumery sites, among the best sellers of Mac Cosmetics appeared “Velvet Teddy”. I rushed to buy it. Absolutely promoted, it is wonderful.

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My natural make-up routine

My makeup routine is very simple, and above all it focuses on the base.
Usually I did not pay much attention to what had to be put before the foundation, but over time I have re-evaluated the importance of the moisturizer as a first step.
Since I have mixed skin, my cream is not too dry but not too moisturizing because in this case the areas at risk shine.

As for the fund I exchange it for time: when I have more hydrated skin and temperatures are not too low I prefer to use the Studio Skin fund of Smashbox, which has a matte finish.Instead, when the skin is drier and has little color use the N18 Pro Longwear Foundation of Mac Cosmetics. 

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UD Naked Heat Review

A palette with warm tones, available on the market from September, consisting of 7 opaque shades and the remaining 5 shades of shimmer colors.

Naked Heat includes the following Nuance:

  • OUNCE (iridescent ivory);
  • CHASER (nude light);
  • SAUCED (terra cotta matte);
  • LOW BLOW (brown matte);
  • LUMBRE (bright copper with golden reflections);
  • HE DEVIL (red burnt matte);
  • DIRTY TALK (burnt red metallized);
  • SCORCHED (intense red with golden micro-glitter);
  • CAYENNE (intense earthenware matte);
  • EN FUEGO (burgundy matte);
  • ASHES (opaque dark reddish brown);
  • EMBER (dark metallic Burgundy).

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My eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the important elements that characterize our face and our expression, so I would like to tell you about my experience.
Ever since I was a kid, a sequel to a bad experience with an inexperienced aestheticist, I started to do it alone. I made the shape that seemed more suitable to my face and, with the time and experience, I changed it.

However, the problem of scarcity persisted and, to combat it, I used a variety of cosmetics, including pencil and eyebrow shadow.
Over the years, however, it increased the desire to do the tattoo in order not to waste too much time.
When it comes to eyebrow tattoos, the reaction is always to open the astonished eyes with the tattoo image about thirty years ago.
It is important, however, to understand how everything is evolving over time, and among this “everything” there are also techniques for tattoos.
In particular, in recent years, the trend of microblading has been widespread, which I have experienced firsthand.

Before & After

Microblading is a technique that attracts missing eyebrows with small shots. It does not touch the hairs already present, and you get a so called “artificial” eyebrow, similar to the natural one.
As for the pain, it naturally changes according to your threshold, though, of course, the delicate position plays against us.
The first thing to do is the shape of the eyebrows based on the features of your face. For example, I had the bow of the eyebrow in a rather wrong position so that now I feel embarrassed to see them in old photos.
So, if you agree with what you will be drawn, proceed with the tattoo.
After about 4 weeks you will have to return to modified to the details that are not immediately visible and that you’ll notified later.
I decided not to come back because it made so bad and I can’t think to make it again.
But now the hand tattoo is going, and what I still got is only the right shape. That’s why I went back to using my starting products but with a better result.
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